Student Agreement


The Philadelphia School of Languages

Policies, Regulations, Student Manual


Course Characteristics 

Students enrolled in group classes ESL (English as a Second Language) programs will receive at least 48 hours of course instruction for beginner levels and up to 96 hours of instruction for advanced groups. We post updates to these prices and courses in the schedule brochure available at the front desk. If you choose a payment plan, you will receive your payment plan on the first day of class.


The Philadelphia School of Languages shall provide Language Instruction in the contracted language following the method presented. Classrooms will be targeted for groups of 5 to 10 students but may exceed this capacity at the administration discretion. VIP, corporate and private classes, will be formed at the student’s preferred size and their billing shall be adjusted accordingly.

Should you pass your current level, you will be offered a space in the next level on the same day and time. 

Your quick registration is required to ensure your space is guaranteed. 

Should you register and pay for a subsequent level and fail to complete your current level tuition payment will be applied to re-enrollment at your current level. 

Success is your responsibility. Payment alone will not guarantee that you receive a certificate or move to the next level.


a) should your class decide to alter its calendar to accommodate its individual needs, payment will still be due in full as outlined in this contract.

b) any class that enrolls or fails to maintain less than five (5) students may be suspended, canceled, rescheduled or dispersed.

c) it is the student’s sole responsibility to make up missed work and tests. 

Students must make up all tests, course requirements and projects to advance to the next level.

REQUIRED MATERIALS – all students are required to have their course student books. Students must pay for their books at the time of registration or re-registration. Installments are Fees may not be paid in installments, discounts and coupons do not apply to books. Your teacher may also require you to possess a dictionary, handbook or notebook at your own expense.


Students will be provided with their class course calendar and informed of their price at the time of registration.


The start date of the payment plan begins thirty (30) days after enrollment. The ability to enroll in a payment plan is a privilege. 


First (1st) payment for NEW STUDENTS is due at the moment of enrollment and registration

Following payments are made every thirty (30) days.

Example: 1st payment made March 10th. Next payments: April 10th, May 10th, June 10th.

Two (2) Day Tolerance Period.

Students have up to two (2) days after the scheduled payment date to make their tuition payments.

If a student does not pay within those two (2) days, the student must pay an additional twenty-five ($25) late fee.

If a student is more than fifteen (15) days late, the student must pay an additional fifty ($50) late fee.

Cash Payments and Security Deposits

Any student may pay for their tuition in cash.

Students who do not possess a credit or debit card at the moment of registration and enrollment must pay a security deposit in cash of sixty dollars $60.

The sixty dollar ($60) security deposit fee is refundable when a student decides to withdraw.

Credit Card/ Debit Card Payments

Any student may pay for their tuition via credit or debit card plus an additional two dollar and eighty cents ($2.80) for any credit or debit card transaction.

Students may authorize the Philadelphia School of Languages to charge their credit or debit cards on their behalf.

Refunds and Early Termination of Contract

The security deposit of sixty dollars ($60) is refundable only when a student has completed a course and will not re-enroll for the next term.


The contract is valid for each term (level) and can be renewed automatically following payment for the following semester.

If a student wishes to terminate his or her classes before the end of the term, the student must pay an additional 20% of the remaining course.

Example: Students enrolled in a four-month level ($500) who has already paid $300 must pay $40 as an inconvenience fee.

Student Payment Forgiveness

A student must pay $20 per month not studied out of term (level) to terminate the contract instead of the full amount owed by contract.

Payments made on the 2nd day after the payment is due will incur a late fee of $25 and $50 after 15 days as well as in addition to the cost of classes for that month. There is a grace period of 2 days provided. 

The Philadelphia School of Languages reserves the right to collect payment in full before guaranteeing a space at any time. 

Late payments or payments or checks returned by your bank will result in a $25.00 late fee after two days and $50 after 15 days and may result in automatic removal from a payment plan. 

Termination of Contract - a student at any time during the contract may pay the next installment due (and any outstanding installments) in addition to 20% (twenty percent) (as an inconvenience fee) of the remaining contract to terminate the agreement. 


The student may do this by notifying a school official in writing and paying the contract termination fee.  Failure to formally withdraw will result in the full amount owed, and a failing mark for the course entered on the student’s transcript.

Upon completion of the student’s program of study, the contract will automatically renew with re-registration by the student. We give students the opportunity of establishing a new payment plan after they have paid the registration or re-registration and fees. 

Right to Rescission

Students may cancel agreements at any time after the date of the signed contract, excluding Sundays and holidays. To cancel, send a signed and dated notice, which states that you, the student, are canceling this agreement. Please mail notices to 7708 Castor Ave. Philadelphia PA 19152.

Email Address for Official Notice. Submit all requests for cancellations in writing via email to


Start and End Dates

The school directors define levels (or terms).

A level is divided into two (2) separate parts. 

Example: level 1A and Level 1B.

Each Interactive English term consists of thirty-two (32) ninety-minute (90 min) classes.

Each term (level) above level six (6) consists of sixty-four ninety-minute (90 min) classes.


Students are responsible for bringing their textbooks to every class.

Students receive books at the start date of each term (level).

The school does not replace lost books. Students must purchase all course material.

Tests and Certificates

There are four tests per four-month term (level)

Students must score a minimum of 75% to pass.

Students who attend more than 75% of mandatory classes are eligible for a certificate of completion

We award a certificate of participation to students who qualify.

Attendance in elective classes is recorded in certificates.


Students must attend all mandatory classes.

If a student falls below 75% in attendance, the student is not eligible for a certificate of completion.

If a student fails to attend classes, he or she may be eligible to transfer to a different group or start over.

Failing Students

If a student is having difficulties, he or she must inform a school official or teacher. 

A failing student may have to repeat the level (term) until they pass.

There is no discount for repeat levels.

Study Hall

Students have access to the library, books, and resources from 2 pm to 6 pm. Room 5 and Library.

We offer free WiFi and access to computers for students. 

Students may not have access to computers during test or tutoring sessions in progress. 


It is the student’s responsibility to keep apprised of the policy. 


A) All students agree to use all media sources provided to me including internet access following the student handbook’s code of conduct and understand that abusing these privileges could lead to revocation of such opportunities and disciplinary action which may include expulsion. 

B) Students understand and agree that academic success is solely their responsibility and that they must make satisfactory progress as outlined in the course requirements and materials to advance to the next level and receive certificates. 

C) Students fully understand that cheating, plagiarisms, copying another person’s work, having someone else do their job or taking credit for someone else’s work will result in immediate dismissal.


1. Parties – The student agrees to follow all written or posted rules and regulations in effect and to become effective at any future date. The student agrees to pay all sums due to tuition plans and other services purchased. The student recognizes that The Philadelphia School of Languages has the right to revoke their enrollment and discontinue any privilege of using any The Philadelphia School of Languages or affiliated facility failure to abide by the rules and regulations, display improper conduct or default on any obligation to The Philadelphia School of Languages. In such an event, the student will remain liable for any unpaid balance due to The Philadelphia School of Languages. Enrollment does not give students any rights to The Philadelphia School of Languages, its management, property or operations. It is the student's responsibility to notify The Philadelphia School of Languages of any changes in address or phone number.

2. Classes - Scheduling, the content of courses, programs, furnishings of facilities and instructors are at the sole discretion of The Philadelphia School of Languages and may be changed from time-to-time upon notice by the School. The School agrees to furnish the student with qualified The Philadelphia School of Languages instructors to teach and supervise classes and activities conducted by the School.

3. Photos and Videos - 

The Philadelphia School of Languages may take photographs or video images while in classes or otherwise in the public premises of the School. Moreover, as a result of this irrevocably grants the right to the Student’s image or likeness in such pictures or photographs in any advertising, promotion, marketing materials including any social media, print media or on the website.

4. Representations –  The Philadelphia School of Languages reserves the right to charge extra fees and dues for the use of the facility or services not included.  The Philadelphia School of Languages reserves the right to sell tuition at different rates and terms. The Philadelphia School of Languages reserves the right to change prices of any fees or dues for new and existing students.

5. Liability for Personal Property – The Philadelphia School of Languages is not responsible for any personal property damaged, lost, or stolen in or around The Philadelphia School of Languages premises, including that which arises out of The Philadelphia School of Languages’ negligence. If a student or guest cause any damage to The Philadelphia School of Languages’ property, they are liable for the cost of repair or replacement.

6. Payment Obligation – Students agree to pay the tuition; whether or not they use the facilities, they still must pay their monthly payments. If a student is under 18 years of age, an adult is required to sign to guarantee payment. 

7. Non-use - The failure or inability of the Student to use the facilities, classes or services of The Philadelphia School of Languages for any reason, will neither relieve nor suspend the Student’s obligation to make all payments required under this agreement on a timely basis nor entitle the Student to a refund or tuition credits.

8. Holidays – There are no classes on national holidays, scheduled vacations or other times as directed by School management.

Holidays or scheduled shutdowns may affect your class calendar. The Philadelphia School of Languages does not issue refunds for time lost due to unforeseen disasters. 

9. Student Termination Policies and Procedures for ALL Tuition Types

If a student has prepaid any sum for services from The Philadelphia School of Languages will return any unused prepaid monthly dues. 

Student Disability or Death

If because of death or permanent disability, a student or their estate shall be relieved from the obligation of making payment for services other than those received before death or onset of disability. 

Permanent Move – 

Your enrollment may be canceled with a 30-day notice when you change your residence to a location that is more than 25 miles from The Philadelphia School of Languages location. You will not be relieved from the obligation of payment of services.

Email Address for Official Notice. Please submit requests for cancellations in writing via email to

Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibits a creditor from discrimination against credit applications concerning any aspect of a credit transaction from a race, color, religion, national birth, sex or marital status or age (provided the applicant can sign a contract). The Agency that administers compliance with this law is the Federal Trade Commission, Equal Credit Opportunity, and Washington, D.C. 20580