Are you an ESL or language teacher?

The Philadelphia School of Languages

7708 Castor Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19152, United States


Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in education/language and/or

Certification in ESL, TESOL, CELTA or TEFL

Prior teaching experience


· Provide instruction that is consistent and coordinated with the The Philadelphia School of Languages quality instructional program and mission so as to ensure that students meet and exceed learning targets

Learn to plan and deliver lesson plans that utilize a broad range of appropriate research based teaching techniques and strategies

· Prepare, organize, and provide quality language instruction to a diverse group of students with varied language backgrounds.

· Provide a caring and supportive learning environment that encourages student responsibility 

-Our students learn to address all aspects of communication through appropriate instruction that develops each student’s ability to read, write, speak, and to listen.

·We establish and maintain standards of student behavior required to run an orderly and productive classroom environment

· Our teachers use a variety of instructional techniques and strategies to meet different aptitudes and interests of students. 

· We provide personally administered academic and language assessments for the purpose of evaluating student progress in language acquisition.

· Teachers are required to keep complete and accurate records of student progress and evidence of growth and progress and manage allotted learning time to maximize student achievement

· Teachers can participate in professional development opportunities as well as students.

We encourage our teacher to attend TESOL Conference, especially now in 2019.


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· We have adapted a curriculum that provides individual, small group, and/or remedial instruction as to meet the needs of diverse students.

Executive Director - Arian Fernandes Pereira. Executive Vice President - Leonardo Francisco de Jesus Ribeiro. Secretary - Charmaine Wright. Administrative Assistant - Norma Villasmil.