The Philadelphia School of Languages

Inspiring Teachers


-The students are inspiring. I feel this work is important as it helps people fulfill their dreams and provides practical assistance. 


-It is my firm belief that there is no fun without learning, and no learning without fun. At The Philadelphia School of Languages, I strive to make interesting, educational lessons for my students. I love the curriculum used at the school and the fact that I get to teach my students real world, practical English that is useful for their daily lives. I also enjoy learning about my students and their cultures."



-I enjoy working with people from other cultures. I am able to learn about places I’ve never been to while helping someone learn the language better. I like the staff. The students are very pleasant to work with and be around. It is a very pleasant and positive environment to work in.


I enjoy working with the diverse group of students. The students are very eager to learn and work very hard. They ask great questions and we have a lot of interesting classroom conversations. Everyone brings a unique perspective, so the classes are very fun, which makes for a great learning environment. I’ve seen students make a lot of progress with their English, and I love being a part of their language learning journey. 


-The classes are pleasant and dynamic, with groups of students always motivated by learning Spanish (as well as expressions, customs and traditions). It is also an excellent opportunity for continuous training, in an environment of respect and collaboration among students, colleagues and managers.